Building a Figure Display Stand

In the past, I have posted about how I reused old CD cases for a figure stage. It was nice for a while but when ever I bump into it, it would tip over. I was researching on alternative stands but it was not worth it. So, I decided to build my own stand while still reusing those CD cases.

The tools you need for this project are a hot glue gun, clear tape, and and x-acto knife.

First, decide on the design you want your stand to have. Now, take your hot glues gun and start gluing the sides that need to be together. You can use the same method if you want to make it tall. When the glue cools down, use your x-acto knife to remove any extra glue.

Before you start gluing together CD cases, you should remove the boarder that is on top of the case. If you don't, it will make the figure lean to the side. This is going to be the most time consuming part of the project if you do not have a dremel. If you don't own a dremel, sand paper work or the x-acto knife work fine as well.

Now this is the fun part, get your clear tape and cover the entire start with it. Be careful while applying the tape because you need to avoid making bubbles and folds. After that is done, get strong cardboard and tape it to the areas where the figures are going to be standing.

If you did it correctly, it should come out like this.

I was going to post a final product of it painted but it has been raining for the last few days.

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