First Thoughts: Angel Beats!

After months of waiting, Angel Beats! is finally here. When the first trailer surfaced, I was really excited because is did not say much and the visuals looked great. I watched episode 1 of Angel Beats! about 6 times. All of the wait was worth it.

The anime is set in a school that is in between heaven and Earth. People who die end up here and fight against angels. The interesting this is that you cannot die via physical trauma(getting shot or stabbed) but you can get erased.

This is our main character, Otonashi. he has no memory of his past, but it is suspected that when he died, his head was damaged.

This mysterious young girl is an Angel. For some strange reason, she reminds me of the terminator.

This is Yuri, she's the leader of an organization who fights against the angels. And yes, I did get a Haruhi vibe from her.

The interesting thing is that the world they're in is like a video game. There are other people in this world but they happen to be non-player characters. I will say that there were several animation errors but the concert scene was amazing.
I wonder how this anime is going to play out in the upcoming weeks. So, what are you opinions on this anime?

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