First Thoughts: Kiss X Sis

It was about a year ago, I started reading the Kiss X Sis manga. At first it was funny but then, I stalled on it. When I heard that anime adaption was coming, it sparked my interest in the manga but I dropped it because it got really weird. I decided to watch anime and guess what, its even worse.

On the first episode, this anime managed to become creepier than the manga. I have so much rage towards this anime right now. To save you the time of watching this anime, I'm going to spoil the rest of this series. Remember, I'm doing this for your safety.

Ako and Riko get much creeper. One good example, they dry hump Keita's bed sheets and make-out with each other.

This is Yuzuki Kiryu, Keita's future homeroom teacher in high school. She's a fujoshi with a samurai fetish. She falls for Keita and she masturbates thinking about him while wearing Keita's P.E. uniform.

Mikazuki Kiryu, younger sister of Yuzuki and Keita's underclassmen. She is very open in how she want's to have sex with Keita.

Miharu Mikuni, Keita's future classmate in high school. She masturbates on the toilet while having a fantasy of Keita raping her in a puddle of her own urine.
This is our f*cking harem for this show, people. That was therapeutic Knowing that I saved so many lives from watching it. So, what are your opinions on this anime?

One more thing, Marmar did an otaku room post on his blog. you should check it out.

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