First Thoughts: Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Originally, I was not going watch Mayoi Neko Overrun! because it did not catch my eye. Since I been watch mediocre anime lately, may as well go all out. At first, this looks like you typical harem anime targeted towards the otaku crowd. And it is, but this its pretty funny.

Takumi Tsuduki is the show's main character. He lives with his older sister at the bakery they own.

Fumino Serizawa, Takumi's childhood friend. This cute girl is the tsundere of the show. Her tsundere level is really high to the point of it being ridicules.

Chise Umenomri, the rich "loli" character of the show. All she wants is to hang out with Tamaki and his friends.

To sum up what happens, a cake is eaten by a little boy and he blames it on a big cat he saw. Takumi and friends make a new cake but they need egg. As they return home, they see this big cat like creature and they chase after it. They end up losing track of it and the little boy tells the truth.

Takumi's older sister returns from helping people in need and has a little souvenir with her.......

..........The "big cat" that the kids were chasing the night before.
I like that the first episode had so much energy. The main humor from this anime comes from some of the scenes being over the top and the show poking fun at itself. Like for example, one of the character's pointed out that the existence of the childhood character archetype is a fantasy that only appears in anime. I hope this anime series does not take a turn for the worst. So, what are your opinions on this anime?

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