Kicking it Old School: Space Runaway Ideon

It was 1980s, Mobile Suit Gundam had just ended. Writer and director Yoshiyuki Tomino immediately started working on a new mecha series. 5 months later, Space Runaway Ideon aired.

In the distant future, human started colonizing on different planets across the galaxy. On the planet Solo, archeologists discovered a large spaceship and 3 giant armored vehicles. One day, the alien races known as the Buff Clan appear at Solo. Karala, the daughter of military commando visits Solo to investigate. Karala gets lost while on Solo and Buff Clan thinks that the humans have kidnapped her. The Buff Clan begins to attack Solo.

The shows main protagonist, Cosmo Yuki and his 2 friends jump into the 3 armored vehicles and activate them to create Ideon. They manage to fend off the Buff Clan forces. However, there's a second attack on Solo from the Buff Clan because they learned of the power of Ideon and want it for themselves. A group of humans leave Solo on the large spaceship with Ideon in order to protect the remaining inhabitants on Solo.

Space Runaway Ideon is an interesting anime with great action and storytelling. It is a shame that it was canceled after 39 episodes. But a year later, 2 Ideon movies came out, The Ideon: A Contact and The Ideon: Be Invoked. A Contact was pretty much the television series condensed to 2 hours. Be Invoked was the cinematic conclusion of the Ideon series. It was an awesome an movie and ending is jaw dropping.

If you are big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I highly recommend this series to you. This is the series that influenced Hideaki Anno to create Evangelion. Leave a comment below if you are interested in watching this anime or if you have seen it, tell me what you think of it.

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