Spring Cleaning 2010

I'm sorry that I did not have a post for the last two days, I have been spring cleaning. I have a habit of doing an extreme deep cleaning of everything I own. In this post I have several great cleaning tips.

Keyboards are filthy. They have the same amount of germs as a public toilet.

I have tried out Cyber Clean because it kills germs but it does not remove grime. I use Q-tips dipped in hand sanitizer to clean each button individually. Make sure you do it while your keyboard is disconnected. you can use the same method for you mouse.

Figure can get dusty really fast and dust stains can be an issue.

I have made many posts on figure dusting and cleaning.

I usually clean my desk chain about every 6 months. If the material is fabric, I use carpet cleaner. If the material is leather or fake leather, I use a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

It looks frosted
There're other things I cleaned out like my hard drives but I don't want to talk about that. I may get in trouble with a certain lady.

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