Video Games That Have Beaten Me

You know when you play a video game and then you encounter a boss who defeats in a matter of minutes. Then, you go back and level up you characters or try to learn the boss' pattern. Once you feel confident enough to challenge the boss again, he decimates you. You train over and over, search the internet to any weaknesses, and even use cheat codes. And you still can't beat that boss and the only thing you can do is to admit that the game has gotten the best of you. I hate that feeling.

There is a list of games that have beaten me and I'm not proud of it. The last game I could not finish due to the difficulty was Persona 3. I could not beat the final boss and I had the shelf it until I have some free time. I was thinking of using a cheat device like Action Replay but, it does not feel right.

There are times that I have triumphed over game by luck. I remember when I was about 13 years old, I got King of Fighters '99. For 3 whole months, I played that game and failed at the very end when I would fight against Krizalid, the final boss. I smashed about 5 controllers out of frustration in the span of 3 months. I can clearly remember the day I won by luck. I was using K' and I had only 1/4 of my health bar left. I managed to bring down Krizalid's health bar half way. I don't know how but for the first and only time ever, I used K' special move, Chain Driver. Victory never tasted so sweet that day.

If you have any stories on a video game that has beaten you, tell me in a comment below.

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