Anime Back on TV?

Back in 2004, anime was airing on multiple television channels. The one channel that was on top was Cartoon Network with the Toonami block. On Saturday nights they had 3 solid hours of anime. When the late night came around the Adult Swim block started with 2 to 3 more hours of anime. 2004 was consider to be the peak of anime on television. Few years have passed and only Adult Swim and SyFy are the ones airing anime once a week at late night.

However, there is still some hope for anime to be big on television like it was before. NickToons, a subsidiarity channel to Nickelodeon, started airing Dragon Ball Kai, Monday through Friday. The original Dragon Ball Z was the gateway drug for many anime fans in the past. For DBK to be on television is a big thing because if this show draws people to view it, Nickelodeon may start getting broadcasting rights for other anime series.

I'm also glad that there are anime only channels such as The Anime Network and Funimation Channel. I'm hoping that more television channels show more quality anime. So, what are your opinions on this matter?

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