Anime Mouse Pads

I'm not a stranger to anime mouse pads. I have owned quite a few in the past, but most have been disposed of. I eventually learned to alternate mouse pads every 3 months just so they can last much longer. Lately my wrist has been hurting and I found the right mouse pad that would solve that problem.

I upgraded to an oppai mouse pad. Marmar sold me his mouse pad because he does not like girls with big breast. This mouse pad is from the Record of Agarest War limited edition set. The mouse pad features Vira-Lorr from the game. At first it was really hard, but after a while it became soft.

This mouse pad's boobs are pretty big. I mistook one on the boobs as my mouse several times already. I will eventually get use to it.
I'm thinking of getting a second one so I can alternate from time to time. So, do you own a oppai mouse pad? If not, what kind would you like to get?

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