Dissecting Fandom: The Beginning

There is something that has been annoying me lately. It's the constant blaming of each other saying that a certain subsection of fandom is the reason why anime is dying. After getting inspiration from someone on twitter I came up with, Dissecting Fandom.

Dissecting Fandom is going to be like a small project. I will be looking at different subsections of anime fandom and will try to break it down to its core. I will analyze the psychology behind these people and bring it to light. I will show the negatives and positives of these fandoms. The reason why I'm doing this is to show that we are all equal. There will be times that I may spark controversy and may get backlash but I'm prepared for it.

Just to make sure, I will not cover Subtitle only fans, Dub only fans, and Cosplayers. Also, I will not target specific people, it is a waste of time and only children do that. So, if there are any subsections of anime fandom that you want me to cover, just tell me in a comment below.

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