Kicking it Old School: Otaku no Video

I have decided to make Kicking it Old School, a weekly post instead of bi-weekly. In celebration, today I will cover my second most favorite OVA of all time, Otaku no Video.

Otaku no Video is divided in 2 parts, 1982 and 1985. In 1982, we meet Ken Kubo, a freshmen in college. He is also part of tennis club. One day, while Kubo was out drinking, he encounters an old high school friend of his, Tanaka. He's an otaku. Because of Tanaka, Kubo is sucked into the world of anime, manga, doujinshi, cosplay, and science fiction. Slowly but surely, he become an otaku and decided that he will be the Otaking, the king of all otaku.

In 1985, Kubo and Tanaka start their own figure company. At first they start by selling their homemade figure kits via mail order catalogs. Then they open their first store and before you know it, their figure company becomes world famous. However, tragedy strikes in the form of corporate takeover. Both Kubo and Tanaka kicked out of the company and go their separate ways. Many years have passed and Kubo and Tanaka get back together to start an animation company. Long story short, Kubo opens Otakuland, an otaku themed amusement park and finally becomes the Otaking.

In between segments, there are these live action short call Portrait of an Otaku. In these shorts, there are fake interviews with different types of otaku. Some of them are humorous but there are some that feel too real.

The best way to describe Otaku no Video, it's a time capsule. It shows small examples of how it was like to be an otaku during the 80s and early 90s. Older anime fans who watch this will probably have a flood memories come to them because they lived during those times.

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