Kicking it Old School: Saint Seiya

Today in Kicking it Old School, I will be covering, Saint Seiya. This is a very special anime to me because it was the first anime that I have ever seen.

The story follows five warriors who fight while wearing magical armor. The designs of the armors are based on the astronomical constellations. These saints have sworn to protect the reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena in her battle against the other Olympian gods that are trying to take over the world.

The five saints are, Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun and Phoenix Ikki. I feel bad for these character because they have the worst childhood I have seen in an anime. They are all orphans, who were forced to various parts of the world to train in ordered to earn the armor under their respected guardian symbol and they are only 13 years old.

The story mainly focus on Seiya. He was sent to Greece to become the pegasus saint at the age of 7 years old. After his long training, he returns to Japan to find his long lost older sister. However, Athena forces him to take part in a tournament against the other Saints and if he wins, Athena will help him find his sister.

This series suffers the shonen battle series syndrome. It has power levels, superhuman abilities, long winded battles, and the character's scream out the name of their attacks. It may sound generic, but at least it has heart.

The anime series covers the first 2 arcs from the manga and a filler arc. It was until 2002, the final arc from the manga was made into an OVA that spanned over 6 years. If you have seen Saint Seiya, what are your opinions on it?

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