License This: My Ladies

Today in License This, I decided to cover an anime and a manga. The similarity between these two, they are of the ecchi variety. I will be talking about Ladies versus Butlers! and My Balls.

The image below is from the ero-manga, Nosewasure by Shiwasu no Okina.
Ladies versus Butlers! is romantic comedy set is a special private school that is divided by social class, servant-ed and upper-ed. The servant-ed students are training to become maids and butlers. The upper-ed students are high class aristocrats and 99% of these students are female. The story follows Akiharu Hino, a servent-ed student who looks like a street thug but has a heart of gold. He pretty much gets himself into sexy and funny situations. Did I forgot to mention that this is also a harem anime.

The one company I see picking up this anime is Media Blasters. This is something right up their alley.

My Balls is an interesting manga, there's a war between heaven and hell. An angel seals away the queen of terror into crystal ball. However, there was a freak accident and the queen of terror was sealed into the right testicle of Satou Konta, he has no girlfriend and he's also a virgin. Satou must not ejaculate for 30 days or all humanity as we know it is doomed. The lesser devil, Elyse makes it her mission to release her queen from her prison by seducing Satou. But, Elyse has no experience is that department.

This manga is really perverted to the point of borderline porn. I feel dirty after reading a chapter or two. The one company I would see picking up this manga is Tokyo Pop.

So, what are your opinions of these series?

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