My Top 5 Super Robots

I have always wanted to do this post. I really enjoy super robot anime from the 70's and 80's. These type of shows tend to be over the top with the robot be the main star of the show. I wanted to shared my top 5 favorite Super Robots from the 70's and 80's.

5) Combattler V from Combattle V. The reason why I like this robot is because of the opening theme song to the anime. I know it's a silly reason, but opening is very catchy. Also, I really find the Choudenji YoYo, to be badass weapon.

4) Getter Robo from Getter Robo. I really like the concept for Getter Robo. It is made up of 3 jets and when combined, it can become 1 of 3 different type super robots, Getter-1, Getter-2, and Getter-3. Getter-1 is the most popular form, it looks badass.

3) Steel Jeeg from Steel Jeeg. Jeeg is an interesting super robot because its more human than robot. Hiroshi Shiba was horribly injured and his father saved his life by turning him into a cyborg. Hiroshi transforms into the head of Jeeg and combines with the parts that are shot out of a plane. Only in a super robot anime something like that happens.

2) RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam. Before anyone starts leaving comments in correcting me that Mobile Suit Gundam is not super robot, I know but its my list. The design is so simple for RX-78-2, but at the same time it is captivating for me.

1) Ideon from Space Runaway Ideon. This was to be one of the strongest super robot I have seen, Ideon can destroy planets as if it was nothing and in the final movie, it destroys the entire universe.

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