Planning for Metrocon 2010 Update

This post is pretty much an update to my last planning for Metrocon post. Sorry if it's boring but it does have some pretty cool news.

Since my last post I managed to get some important things done.

Things I can check off from my to do list:
Bus Ticket
Metrocon weekend badge
Hotel reservation
Submitted my entries for the Picture This contest.

Things that are still on my to do list:

Laptop Backpack
Setting up a budget on money that I will spend at the dealer's room.
Making a list of things I need(missing manga volumes) and want.
DSLR camera

I'm very excited for this year's Metrocon because Spike Spencer, the English voice actor for Shinji Ikari will be there. I'm going to have him sign my copy of End of Evangelion and Evangelion: 1.01. I'm also going to be running a panel once again. This panel will be on how to build an arcade stick, will be expecting some people there. So, I'm pretty much just set for Metrocon this year. Now, I just have to wait.

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