Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo Review

A fairly short eroge, by a doujin circle known as Fuguriya. There are many more eroge in this series but this is a review of the first one.

Art is done by ペこ (Peko) who also did the art for the Mayoi Neko Overrun light novels, as well as many other eroges.

This story follows Nanami Oda, who has had a crush on Yuna Matsubara, her sempai, since the first day of school when she helped fix a tear in Nanami's skirt. Nanami joins the school's environmental protection committee just to be closer to Yuna who heads the committee. After a meeting Nanami forgets her gym uniform in the room and comes back to get it when she finds Yuna... ummm... doing something strange while sniffing it. Take a wild guess what happens next.

Yuna is to the left Nanami on the right.

Anyway, like I said this is a very short eroge (about 2 hours) with nothing much to the story except hot lesbian sex. Choices in this game are only right or wrong choices. There are no different branching story routes or anything like that. Choosing too many wrong choices will only make your game end early. A little hint: If your game ends after the pee scene, you did something wrong. Music is forgettable, just very generic visual novel crap. I turned it off and listened to my own while I read through. This eroge's strong point is its art, which if your gonna be a game that focuses on hentai, only better be pretty damn good.

Story 5 out of 10 (It's a hentai game! It isn't supposed to have a good story)
Art 8/10
Music 4/10
Voice Acting 8/10 (Kinda would like to know the girl's voice actors. I'll look into it. If any of you know please tell.)
Overall 6.5/10

So if you like your visual novels more concentrated on drama than non stop yuri sex, stay away from this. If you're a fan of kinky yuri, this is for you. I'd fall into the first category. Personally I'm not a fan of yuri hentai but I do like yuri drama anime/manga. An unofficial translation patch can be found here. As to how to pirate the game, you're on your own. Although the game is only $20 USD if you feel like taking down your jolly roger for once. Can be purchased NSFW here NSFW

I do really like this pic tho. dawww

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