Summer 2010 Anime Season V1

The first version chart of the summer anime season has been released. It looks like this chart is lacking but I know it is subject to change.

What I will watch:
High School of the Dead
Strike Witches 2
Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~

What I may watch:

Amagami SS
Asobi ni Ikuyo!

I'm really excited for High School of the Dead. I saw the trailer for it a few months back and it looks badass. There is one anime series that I'm interested in and that's Amagami SS. Most anime series based on a visual novel tend to follow the story to the true ending of the game. Sometimes there will be a one shot OVA with the main character pursuing a different girl. However, this anime will cover the storyline of each individual girl. There are 6 girls in total and this could possibly be a 24 episode series. So, what are you planning to watch ?

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