Summer Time

I am finally free from college for the next 3 months. My summer vacation has began and I'm very happy.

Fun Fact: The images in the post, I'm currently using as my desktop background.
I have been waiting for this break for sometime. However, it will be a short break this year. I decided that I will be taking 1 course this summer because I have nothing better to do. I am glad that it is only going to take a month for me to finish this course.

I'm also thinking of getting a second job to play for Metrocon. I really want to use up all of my free time because I get bored really fast. Since Summer is right around the corner, places start hiring seasonal positions. I will be looking for a new job for the next 2 weeks.

As for the entertainment portion of my break, I will be catching up with a lot of anime that I have missed. I wont to the mistake of watching an entire series in a day, I will span it out within a week. I want to avoid burn out. So, this is how I will spend my summer break this year.

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