Crimson-Shell Review

Hajimemashite! It's Silver-chan! This review is for, Crimson-Shell.
(Disclaimer: These are my views, only my views, and I'm sure everyone's views are different.)

Crimson-Shell by Mochizuki Jun one Volume only.

Claudia is the Rose Witch, the foundation of which the Crimson-Shell stands, a special division of the Red Rose. The goal of the Red Rose is to capture the Black Roses, results of experiments gone wrong created by a mad scientist. When infected with the seed of the “Premier Rose,” poison from the Black Roses, humans turn into insane killing machines. When it appears that Claudia’s friend, comrade, and protector, Xeno, has betrayed the organization, will she be able to prove that her friend isn’t a traitor, and what blooms in his heart isn't jet-black?

I would rate this manga a 2 out of 5. This manga had good things and bad things. The good- The art was pretty. The writing was solid; it makes you care about Claudia, you want her to succeed. It's a great blend of mystery, action, and fantasy with plenty of twists to keep most interested and has a shocking enough ending go a long way to make this a descent story. The bad- Crimson-Shell isn’t a bad manga, just rather overfilled random plot twists and not enough pages to answer your questions. This single volume has a ton of potential that just never develops. Key plot points seemed to have come from nowhere, the pace and story-telling are both rather inconsistent. Despite its flaws, I am looking forward to checking out the artist’s longer series, Pandora Hearts. I think that if Crimson-Shell had been given another volume or two it would have been even better. Or make it a prequel. Hey it could happen, ne?

I made it through May, did you? Ja ne’

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