License This: End of the Spring Season

With only a few weeks left, the 2010 spring anime season is coming to an end. There have been several series that have stood out for me. Today in License This, I will talk about Working!!, Mayoi Neko Overrun!, and Angel Beats!

I just notice that these 3 series have have exclamation marks as part of their names.
Working!! is about the daily events in a certain Wagneria family restaurant. The series focus mostly on Souta Takanashi, a 16 year old high school student, who loves all things small and cute. I can relate to this anime series because I have worked at a restaurant similar to the one in the show. I could see Funimation picking up this series.

Mayoi Neko Overrun! is an interesting harem anime. The show follows Takumi Tsuduki, he lives with his older sister at the bakery they own. His childhood friend, Fumino Serizawa help out at the bakery. One day, they come across this quiet mysterious girl who stay living and helping out at the bakery. However, this happens to be the most normal thing that happens in this anime. This series becomes your stereotypical silly over the top harem anime but funny. Media Blasters would pick this up because they know that boobs and fan service makes them money.

Angel Beats! is set in a school that is in between heaven and Earth. People who die end up here and fight against angels. The interesting this is that you cannot die via physical trauma(getting shot or stabbed) but you can get erased. The only way of getting erased from said world is when a certain condition in met and you obtain peace. The interesting, the cast of characters are always changing. Funimation would be the one to benefit the most from picking up this anime.

So, what are you opinions on the titles I mentioned in this post?

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