Planning for Metrocon 2010 Update 2

Well, this is going to be my last Metrocon 2010 update post before the day of the event. This post may be boring but it does have some interesting information if you will be attending the convention.

Well, everything in my Metrocon do to list is complete. I do have some small things to do like setting up a want/need list for what I would like to buy at the vendor's room and making a schedule for the events I want to attend.

As for the panel that I will be doing on "How to build an Arcade Stick", I have not yet order the parts I need for this panel and I bet they will not arrive by the time Metrocon comes along. I will still run this panel but I need to change my presentation.

I will also be part of the Anime 3000 Panel podcast panel at Metrocon. There will be both a audio and video recording of the podcast.

This year's Metrocon is going to be a blast. Now all I have to do is just wait and save my money.

Edit: I drop my "How to build an arcade Stick" panel due to metrocon having weird rules. I have contact them about me brings my tools and I get different answers.

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