Stupid Drivers 3

I really hate bad drivers. The rage that I builds up because of their stupidity is quite immense. This post is going to be me reveling some stress, I will be showing a crazy angry side of me that a rarely show.

People who drive their mopeds in the highway are annoying. Your crappy moped goes at 25 mile an hour while the car and trucks around you are going at 50 - 60 miles an hour. You are slowing down traffic and I don't want you to be stuck in the grill of my car.

Yesterday, there was this car in front of me swerving and randomly braking. When I finally got the chance to get in front of that car, this girl was reading while driving. To making it worst, she was reading of the Twilight books. This people should have her hands nailed to her face. You are nothing but a f*cking danger to everyone around you. Plus, your choice of literature sucks.

I really hate old people who lost the ability to drive. You are legally blind and the steering wheel is up against your forehead. Please stop driving before you commit vehicular manslaughter. Just because you are elderly does not mean you know the road. There was this one time, an elderly woman was forcing herself into the lane I was in. There was no space for her to get into the lane. At one point, she rammed her car into mine and the one behind it. Thank goodness a cop pulled her over.

Sometimes, I wish I could just strap a cannon to the top of my car and blast these people. Ok, I feel better now.

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