Dissecting Fandom: Moe Fan

For the debut post of Dissecting Fandom, I will cover the Moe fan. This is a psychological understanding of this type of fan.

To understand this fan, we must first look at his adolescence. There was one point in this person's life where something traumatic happened involving a person of a strong character. It could be rejection or humiliation of some form permanently hurting his ego. Now, if we go even deeper when psychosexual development(see Sigmund Freud) was at the Latency stage, this person's oedipus complex never dissolved and ended up in the unconscious mind. With these 2 factors, the Moe fan goes for anime characters who are sexually non-threatening to them.

I will have to say that there are 2 types of Moe fans. I will label them as type A and type B. Type A is devoted to a single character. This person loves this character and shows it by buying and collecting any form of merchandise with this characters image. All sexual desire will be focused on this single character as if they were in a relationship.

Type B is the more common of Moe fan. Type B will have the same habits as type A except, they view the character as an object of sex and once bored with said character, they will move on to another. The interesting thing, while they are satisfying unconscious sexual desires, they are psychologically evolving. However they regress back to how they once were when they move on to a new character.

So, what are your opinions or theories on this post?

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