First Thoughts: Summer Anime Season part 1

My original plan was to make an individual post for each new anime series that is coming. I had to scrap that idea because I'm watching 9 anime series this season. It would get boring if I had to do 9 individual reviews. So, I decided to cut it down and make 3 posts instead.

I found Okamisan and the Seven Companions to have an interesting first episode. Pretty much this anime is about a high school club who "fixes" problems within the at the request of the students. These problems could be beating a stalker or tailing someone. So, pretty much they're mercenaries but funny and cute. To me, it feels like this anime is going to be to one series that almost everyone is going to be talking about.

I have been waiting for Amagami SS. It's your standard romance anime based off of a visual novel game. However, this anime is different. Most series in this genre tend to cover the storyline of the true ending of the game. Amagami will not be doing that, it will cover all 6 storylines to each individual girl within 24 episodes. I like that idea because after an arc is over, the anime will reboot and we can see something new. The one issues that I'm worried about is the pacing because the first episode felt rushed.

Mitsudomoe, it has loli characters with an odd but cute character design. You will either love this anime or hate it. Just watch the opener, if you like it, you'll like this anime.

So, what are your thoughts on these series?

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