First Thoughts: Summer Anime Season part 3

Well, This is the final part on my thoughts on the new summer anime season. In today's post, I will cover Strike Witches 2, Occult academy, and Asobi ni Iku Yo!

I missed Strike Witches so much. When I learned that a second season was coming out, I was filled with joy. I do enjoy watching Yoshika flying around in that outfit. I'm going to have fun with this anime.

The horror comedy Occult Academy is a little odd. The story is about Maya Kamashiro, she become the principal of a school that focuses around the occult after the death of her father. The thing is, she hates the occult with a passion and wants to shut down the school. The animation looks great, the plot interesting, and the characters are kind of cool. However, most of the humor comes from Maya's hated for the occult and her facial expressions to absurd things. I hope that there is more development with the plot in future episodes.

At first glance, Asobi ni Iku Yo! looks like a silly alien catgirl meets weak kid and their crazy adventures anime. However, there could be potential that this anime be good. Within the first episode, it has been established that there are terrorist groups and the government are out the capture the alien catgirl. To make it more interesting, the close friends of the weak kid are secretly part of the government or terrorist groups who are investigating the situation. I'm hoping that it gets better over time.
So, what are you opinions on these three anime series?

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