Metrocon 2010

I'm finally back from Metrocon. I will say it off the bat, this year was not that great compared to previous years I have attended. However, something memorable happened to me this year.

I normally take a lot of pictures of the convention, but I forgot to pack my camera. I thought that I placed my camera inside the camera bag, I should have double checked. At least there was not that many well done cosplayers that I missed out on. Also, a tropical storm was pasting by Tampa. There was so much rain.

I will say it right now, I will never ever buy anything at an anime convention. The vendor's room was crap because almost everything was marked up by around 20% to 50%. Hell, I saw some guy trying to sell a Black Rock Shooter figure for $275 U.S. dollars. There were a lot more bootleg vendors this year. There was this old lady trying to sell me a bootleg Reimu plushy. Another vendor was selling anime wallets, the one wallet that stood out the most was a Bleach wallet with Luffy from One Piece on it. Metrocon needs to fix that bootleg issue.

There where a few okay panels this year but most were more targeted to female anime fans. I am a little disappointed that I missed the one panel I was waiting for, it was a Maid Cafe. It sucks that it was going to be opened for only 2 hours and the line was nuts.

I did managed to meet the author of the Cosplay in America book. Ejen is a really cool guy to have a great conversation with. You should buy his book, its really good.

As for the memorable thing, when I got to hotel with my girlfriend, I asked her to marry me. She said yes.

At the end of it all, the convention was okay, but it has a lot of room for improvement.

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