Off To Metrocon 2010

By the time you are reading this post, I have already left to attend Metrocon. I normally leave on the morning of the convention, but I want to avoid arriving on the day of the convention already exhausted due to the drive. Another thing that I will avoid is driving because I'm taking a Greyhound bus.

Since I'm going to have a few days to relax before Metrocon, I'm going to check out the city of Tampa. It's funny that I have only gone to Tampa for Metrocon in previous years and never really explored the city. I will be taking my laptop with me and I will try to make posts if I can get an internet signal at the hotel.

There is some bad news. The two panels I was going to be a part of have been canceled. My panel "How to build an Arcade Stick" was canceled because I needed to bring my own tools for the panel. I know that the convention has a weapons policy and asked different staff members if it was ok to bring my tools. I never got an answer. So, to avoid getting in trouble, I had to cancel. As for the Anime 3000 panel, it was canceled due to some circumstances. If you still want to meet me, I will be in the AnimeBelle's Trivia Challenge on Friday at 4:00 pm in Ballroom A or just look for the guy wearing that backpack in the picture above.

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