My New Smartphone

I have been needing a new cellphone for the last 2 months. My old phone had a lot software issues and that could not be fixed. I contacted T-Mobile if they could just replace my phone but, the model of my old phone was discontinued. So, I upgraded to a brand new smartphone.

I decided to get the Nokia 5230. I went with this phone because I like Nokia and I like the design. This phone comes with data cable, 4 GB mini SD card, and hands-free headset. This is a full touch screen phone, which is nice. I do have one problem with this phone, when its plugged to a computer via the data cable, it does not charge the battery. There is an online app store However when compared to Apple's, is sucks. At least the Twitter and Youtube apps are free.

What a sexy wallpaper.
I recommend this phone as an entry level smartphone. If you already own one and you are looking for a new one, skip this phone.

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