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Well, I decided that since I'm taking at least one picture a day, may as well post them. This will be a weekly post that will include some of my thoughts and ideas.

I was feeling a little bummed out on Sunday, but by the end of the day, everything was fine.

On Monday, I was on a hunt for some new shoes. I visited a couple of stores but they did not have my size. I ended up ordering them off of Amazon.

On Tuesday, I visited the doctor for my yearly check up. Everything is fine with me but, my doctor told me that I should start eating right and exercise more. He must of noticed that little energy and that I'm always tired.

I pretty much spent Wednesday dusting and rearranging my figures.

I got my shoes on Thursday. Classic Chuck Talyor's Converse are really comfortable and go well with most of my outfits.

Nothing exciting happened on Friday. I notice that the fabric is coming apart on my oppai mouse pad, is this pretty common?

My house lost power around 12:37 AM on Saturday. I really hate thunderstorms.

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