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I have a small tradition before I start the new college semester, I sent all day Sunday making cookies. My young sister made some nice oatmeal cookies.

Monday morning of the brand new college semester is the hardest day to wake up. For the first time ever, I find all of my classes to be fun.

Tuesday was a sad day for most anime fans around the world. I lit a candle everyday of this week for the memory of Satoshi Kon.

I spent most of Wednesday studying and doing homework. I find all of my classes to be easy, I may just do all of the work for this semester in five days.

When I got my new phone on Thurday, I was feeling a little happier. I spent most of that day making wallpapers for my phone. I made about 40 wallpapers, glad my phone has timed sliding wallpapers.

I sent most of my Friday at the hospital. My grandfather was not feeling well, but he doing much better now.

I was having trouble with my chair's back rest. So on Saturday,I ended up jamming a bottle opener to hold up the chair.

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