Black Rock Shooter OVA Review

The over-hyped Black Rock Shooter OVA has come and gone. Many fans of the Black Rock Shooter character were waiting with patience and excitement. I know that I'm a little late but, I have to be brutally honest in this review.

I will admit that the animation sequences of this anime are beautifully done, the coloration is fits well with the environments of each scene, and it has great character design. These are the only good points to the Black Rock Shooter OVA. As of everything else, its terrible.

The characters are nothing but boring overused stereotypes. It looks like the writers wanted the viewer to feel for these characters the first moment we see them. Its kind of impossible for that to happen if there was no character development during the entire 50 minutes of the OVA.

Now as for the delivery of the story, it is poorly done. The story itself is divided in two, story A and story B. Story A is only 5 minutes worth of the Black Rock Shooter character in little action scenes, that's it. What was expected was the explanation of the world where BRS comes from and her origin with action throw in. we didn't get that, we get 45 minutes of boring story B. Story B is about these two little teen aged girls who become friends on the first day of school. Then there's a montage of the two girls bonding for an entire year. Later, the big plot point is introduced, mellow drama. This is where I gave up on this OVA.

The director of BRS, Shinobu Yoshioka was a poor choice. He's extremely talented as a key animator and it shows but, he cannot tell a story. I have high hopes for him to improve that flaw because I want to see more of his work.

The number one issue this OVA has, it was over-hyped as if it was the second coming of Jesus. If this was some unknown property, then these problems can be excused. However, It wasn't. If you say you're the best, show that you are and don't give a sad try. So, what are your opinions on the Black Rock Shooter OVA?

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