Growing Collection

There is one problem that many figure collectors share, its a growing collection. There are only two solutions for that problem, sell off your figures or devote some more space for them. As you can see in the picture below, my collection has grown quite a bit and my shelves have space for maybe three more figures.

The idea of selling some of my figures did come to mind but, I like them all and I would feel horrible selling them off. The only thing I could do right now, is to devote more space for them. At first, I was thinking of just letting the collection to spread out on its own. I know that I would hate that if it happened because I'm obsessive and keeping things in one place.

I decided that I'm going get rid of my shelves and get several display cases. My reasoning behind this is that display cases look nicer, the inside won't get as dusty, and if a figure falls over, it won't hit the ground. The display case that I'm currently looking at is the Ikea Detolf. I have seen that it's very popular in the figure collecting community.

I'm going to keep looking around for other kinds of display cases to see if I find something better. So, how do you display your figure collection?

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