Summer Anime Season: Final Thoughts

The summer anime season has come to an end. Some series have already ended, while others still are still running. This post is on my final thoughts of anime series that ended during the summer.

I personally enjoyed this anime. It was much superior than the first season in the sense that the show focused more on the music. The one problem I had with it was the ending. It would have been nice if the show ended on episode 24. However, we get two more episodes and it took away whatever special feeling from it. Those two extra episodes should have been a bonus episodes on the DVD. I am happy that a movie is getting made.

Asobi ni Iku Yo!
I had high hopes for this anime. The first two episodes were great, but it all went downhill after episode 3. It was a harem filled fan service anime with a bit of action thrown in. That's it.

Occult academy
It was a good anime. I personally like the characters and it had great character development. The problem with this anime was the pace. It felt rushed because it was 13 episodes long. If this anime was 24 episodes long, the story would have been nicely stretched out. By the way, the ending was awesome and sad.

Strike Witches 2
It was fan services and I loved it.

High School of the Dead
This anime was doomed to fail from the start. The manga that it was originally from was on hiatus for many years, the fan services was distracting during tense scenes, and some of the characters were unlikeable. However, it was entertaining and at times it was fun. I hope the manga continues so a second season can be made.

Seitokai Yakuindomo
95% of this anime was sex jokes. Some jokes are funny while others fall flat, it all depends on your mood while watching it.

Sekirei -Pure Engagement-
It was a nice solid continuation of the first season. I can't wait for the third season to get green lit.

Okami-san and the Seven Companions
It was a unique anime with some fun episodes. The main problem of this anime is the underdeveloped cast of characters. At times I wanted to known more of the characters but we get nothing. its the end of it all, ok at best.

That anime had some funny scenes but some of the gags were overused. If you like loli characters and don't mind the character designs, you'll like this anime.

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