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Sunday was a pain, all I did that day was dusting, cleaning out my closet, and changing the layout of my room. I'm somewhat critical when changing the layout of my room, it takes me about a month. I first draw multiple layouts of my room a few days ahead. Then, I change my room once a week, until I'm happy.

On Monday, I started to cut my intake of artificial sugar. I eat raisin just for the natural sugar in them, plus I like them.

On Tuesday, I mentioned on Twitter that for my next computer, I was going to get a Mac or build a PC and have virtual Mac running on it. Later that day, I find out that the lesson for my hardware/software maintenance class was on how to install and run a virtual machine.

After 2 months of wanting to eat veggie burgers, I finally got to do it on Wednesday. These veggies patties taste just like chicken. For a while, I have been thinking of becoming vegetarian.

I did the Lucky Star photo shoot on Thursday. For those who are wondering, this is my current setup for figure photography. I have a habit of always changing it because, I like to experiment with lighting.

Just a boring Friday night. I snack on natural almonds. I hate the roasted kinds with honey and sugar.

I really like gummy bears. I ended up eating them all on Saturday. The lowering artificial sugar is a work in progress.

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