Weekly Pictures 6

It was almost an entire week that I did not make a post on my site. I apologies, but I have been very busy with college and other things. In this Weekly Pictures post, you will see why I did not have the time to make a post.

Nothing Special happened of on Sunday. I did chat on google IM with the lovely Lauren from Otaku Journalist. She's really cool and her site is awesome.

On Monday, I had a job interview at Books-A-Million right after I got out of class. The interview went very well. I also made a 5 foot long ethernet cable in my Networking class.

Tuesday or for me better known as Internet Hell day was horrible. The entire day my internet connection was crap until it died out. I had to wait until I finally had a signal so I can setup a wireless network.

I want to the doctor again on Wednesday. I got a small cut a while back and it got really infected. I'm glad that I got some antibiotics to fight the infection.

I did some studying and took a quick nap on Thursday.

I got called in for a second interview at Books-A-Million on Friday. I had to update my resume because I left out somethings on the last one.

I went in for my interview on Saturday. I did really well and I think I'm going to get the job. I made was victory french fries as a form of celebration.

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