Weekly Pictures 10

Did some figure dusting on Sunday. The only downside to collecting figures is if you have a lot them, dusting will take up so much time.

Monday sucked. I had to take a detour on my way to class because of some road construction. I got pretty lost. I'm glad that my phone has GPS or I would have been later. Then, I had a 83 question exam. I think I did pretty well.

On Tuesday, I noticed that my car's oil level is a little low.

I had to buy a couple of things in Wal-Mart on Thursday. I saw that new machine that figures out what kind of shoe insert one should get. I was going to buy one, but the price changed my mind. If you noticed, I found got to take a picture for Wednesday.

I started working on my desktop on Friday night. I did a clean installing of Windows 7 Home Premium. It took about 45 minutes to install. While the desktop was doing its thing, I was using my laptop to download all of the drivers.

I decided not to leave the desktop on the ground, mainly for its safety. This picture was taken on Saturday, around 2:00 am.

After I woke up, I pretty much spent the rest of the day installing drivers and programs. Thank goodness Ninite exists, would have taken longer. If you are wondering, I used TweaksLogon to change the background for the log-on screen.

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