Weekly Pictures 11

I spent my entire Sunday, "replaying" all of my eroge(visual novels with sex and nudity) on my desktop. I play and completed Bazooka Cafe, Bible Black, A Drug that makes you Dream, and Fate/Stay Night. Since I've played these games in the past, I know what are the right choices. I use a rock to would down the auto skip bottom.

Monday was my first day of work at the bookstore. I quickly returned home after class, because I need to change my pants. To sum up my first day, I was on a computer doing training all day.

On Tuesday, I worked on my car. I had to replace an oil seal. She doing better now.

Nothing of big importance happened on Wednesday. I did some clean.

I did some more training on Thursday, at least I'm getting paid doing that. When I got back home, I did the Black Rock Shooter photo shoot. I'm thinking of making my light tent much larger so I can have some more room to work with.

I finally got to do some real work on Friday. Well, my official position is the in-store coffee shop barista. I don't think I'm pretentious enough for that position. Since the afternoon/night shift little to no things happens, I was organizing the book carts before the books are put out in the shelves.

Late night Saturday, driving back home. I should not be taking pictures while driving at the same time.

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