Weekly Pictures 7

It rained all day Sunday. Since I have satellite, this is what I get.

Went back to the doctor on Monday. They cut my right leg opened to remove a lump. When they cut me opened, they notice its too big. So, I have to return in 2 weeks.

Picked up some more antibiotics on Wednesday. The doctor told me a had to take a stronger dosage. It was original 300 milligrams, twice a day. Now, its 500 milligrams, three time a day.

I found a Iphone style screen lock app for my phone on Wednesday. I really like that app, it works wonders.

Traded in a few DS games on Thursday for Castlevanian: Dawn of Sorrow. I did it at my local video game store which I will never visit again, the owner is a jerk.

I managed to get two free laptops the previous day. I spent my entire Friday fixing them. I gave one to my sister and the other to my mom.

Saturday was a nice day. Ate donuts all day and watched some of the new anime that premiered this week.

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