I Got a PSP

For the last 6 months, I have been wanting to buy a PSP. I know it kind of late after so many year it has been out in the market. My main reason why I want one was because I wanted play Hatsune Miku Project Diva 1 and 2. Last Friday, I went out to get pizza for dinner. Since my pizza was not ready by the time I got there. I decided to kill some time in the video game store that I dislike. I found out that they were selling a used one for $100 USD. I bought it the next day.

This used PSP is in perfect condition as if it was taken right out of the box. I was happy that I found it because they are hard to find in such fantastic form. There was one catch when I bought, The store owner wanted me to pay extra $20 USD for a 34 MB memory stick and USB cable separately. I'm lucky that I already have a USB to micro USB cable and I found on Amazon a 4 GB memory stick for $10 USD. At least he was "nice" enough to throw in a hard plastic shell for free. Now you know why I hate that store.

As for the games that I currently own Mega Man Powered Up and Lumines 2. I bought them at my job, both for $10 USD. I just noticed that I bought video games at the bookstore I work at, that is a sad realization.
I was going to hack my PSP but, it has the 6.31 firmware and it's unhackable. My PSP does look a very plain at the moment, I will be ordered a custom skin fro Gela Skins in a few weeks. So, what games do you recommend for me play on my "brand new" PSP?

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