Keyboard Deep Cleaning

If you don't know by now, I hate germs and I tend to clean like there's no tomorrow. The one thing I hate using are keyboards. They have the same amount of germs as a toilet and when ever i use a public keyboard, I use hand sanitizer right away. Once a month, I clean my keyboards with Cyber Clean. However, once a year I do a deep clean.

It looks so innocent but its so dirty.

I first pop out all of the keys. Then, I vacuum out any dust, paper, and hair. After that's done, I use a dry toothbrush just to remove anything that is stuck.

The way I clean my keys may seem a little crazy, but it works.I first let them set in a warm water and diluted bleach solution for 20 minutes. Then I individually scrub each key with liquid detergent. Then final step is to rinse them out and let them air dry overnight.

Now that keyboard is so fresh and so clean.

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