New Figure Photography Setup

If you have been following my site for a long time, you know that I'm a person of constant change. In over the last 2 and a half years, I have made about 4 or 5 figure photography setups. I always like to change them because it feels refreshing. So, lets look at the breakdown of my new setup.

Pretty much took the concept of the K'nex light tent I made and improved it. Now, I have much more room to work with.

For the backgrounds, I'm still fabric because I hate paper. The only disadvantage to using fabric is that I hate to iron it every time I use it.

As for lighting, I'm only going to use my table top lamps. I will be replacing them with some more powerful lamps with better light bulbs. I'm currently using standard printer paper as diffusers. I will be making two diffusers screens.

The picture did come nice. However, when I get a DSLR camera, it will be even better.
You are free to use my setup and play with it. If you find a way to improve it, share it with the world. So, what do you think of this current setup?

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