Weekly Picture 14

On my way to work on Sunday, I noticed this very small car. It looks kind of cute, but it must be dangerous during a crash.

While on my way to college last Monday, the traffic was horrible. It's been getting like this due to the snow birds.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my future on Tuesday. I'll explain it in another post.

I was extremely tired after work on Wednesday. The amount of cleaning I did was insane, even for a clean freak like me.

Thursday was nice because of Thanksgiving. I did rearrange my desktop, it looks better that before.

I skipped out on Black Friday this year. I'm saving my money for things I need. I did ate some guava pastry.

I spent all of Saturday practicing using the manual focus on my camera. The picture did come out okay, but I still need more practice.
Sorry that I missed a week but, I was too tired and busy with real life.

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