Weekly Pictures 12

Sunday was pretty fun. I spent the entire day eating candy and watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I pretty much watch that movie 5 times and memorized time warp and sweet transvestite songs. Its a fun movie.

Nothing of big importance happened on Monday. For some strange reason, my blood pressure dropped. I snack on some frosted flakes.

Since I had the day off on Tuesday, I spent the day designing my new photography setup. It was fun using as old relic from my past.

I forgot to post the picture of the diffuser on the camera. I took the picture on Wednesday.

I had "fun" at the bank on Thursday. I had to get some checks because I never ordered them.

Friday was hell. My wireless route died on me. I spent the whole day driving from store to store looking for a wireless route with a coaxial input. The thing cost me $150 and It was a pain to setup. The only highlight that day was finding out that Goldeneye was released with a special golden classic controller.

Saturday was pretty cool. I got the Club Nintendo calendar for 2011 and I got my paycheck.

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