My Life: The Last 6 Months

Well, its time to explain why I have been missing posts for so long. Many of the things that I mentioned in this post I have kept to myself because I did not want many anyone worry. Now, I feel it's the right time to share it.

The last 6 months, my health was not been well. One day while I was taking a shower, I discovered an odd lump on leg. It was 2 inches in diameter and it was growing deep inside. At first I thought it was an ingrown hair and I did not give it much mind to it. Some time had pasted and it got bigger, about 6 inches in diameter. I quickly made a doctors appointment to have it checked out.

When my doctor took a looked at the lump, he found it kind of odd and called in a specialist to take a look at it. They told it could possibly be a tumor. They took a sample to exam it and they will call me with the results in a few days. I was a nerves wreck during those 3 long days. When I was finally called, they told me that the lump was benign. However, they still had to do surgery.

The surgery was a success but recuperation was hell. I had days that my leg was in constant pain and I had little to no motivation. I was missing classes and falling behind on my studies. I barely had anytime to blog. I was really stressed out and my immune system was a mess. I managed to catch up with my studies and most of the pain is gone.
This whole ordeal changed me for the better. I fully appreciate everything in my life and I don't let things get to me. I also decided to follow my dream to become a professional photographer and travel the world. I know that I'm talented with writing programs and working with computers but I personally know that I won't be happy doing it. I don't want to end up when I'm older wondering what if and regretting not doing what makes me happy. I learned that life is short and if one has a realistic dream, make it happen. I know I have quite a bit of work to do before making my dream a reality. I'm young and I'm ambitious, that is all I need.

As of right now, I have 2 goals. I want to lose all of the weight I gained during the last 4 years and I want to run a marathon.

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