My Top 5 Best and Worst Anime of 2010

I watched a lot of anime this year. Some good, while some were just plain trash. I complied my top 5 best and worst anime I have seen in 2010. These are my own personal opinions, if you don't like it, then tough cookie. This list is made up of anime series and OVAs that came out in 2010. I have no movies in this list because one cannot compared a 2 hour film with a multi-million dollar budget to a 12 episode series.

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Top 5 Worst anime of 2010:

5. High School of the Dead
I had such high hopes when this anime first started. When I heard about the plot of Japanese high school students fighting to survive a zombie apocalypse. I was excited, until I met the characters. Almost every single character in this anime was annoying. The only characters I liked was the dog, the little girl, and the zombies. I wanted everyone else dead. As for the fan service, it can distracting in scenes where there was tension.

4. Sleeping with Hinako
this is nothing but watching a girl sleeping for 50 minutes. Okay, I will admit that I have seen all three Hinako OVAs but at least, in the other two stuff was actually happening.

3. Kiss x Sis
The harem of this anime is made up of step twin sisters who want to do their younger brother, a girl masturbates to fantasies of her getting raped in a puddle of her own urine, a teacher that masturbates to fantasies of the main character getting gang raped by samurai warriors, and a shameless little girl. Also, the animation is choppy at times and the voice acting is bad.

2. Chu-Bra!!
It's an anime about three middle school freshmen wanting to start an underwear club. The creep factor of this anime is high, uncle touchy's naked puzzle basement high. You know what? I know why this anime was made, it was made to catch sexual offenders. Whenever someone says anything positive about this anime on the Internet, they are automatically added to the sexual offender registry of their respected country.

1. Boku, Otakyman
Part of me believes that I'm the only person in the world who saw this crap. This anime is about an otaku salaryman and his sad miserable existences. Most otaku culture/slice of life anime have some form of meta humor to make it somewhat watchable. This pile of crap horribly fails at that because the "humor" is just stuff the makes no sense. Like for example his coworkers tell him that his fashion sense sucks and he ends up feeling bad about it. That's not funny, its sad.

Top 5 Best anime of 2010:

5. So-Ra-No-Wo-To
Before this anime came out, everyone was calling it "K-On! goes to war". However, when it aired, that joke quickly disappeared. The music and scenery in this anime is just beautiful. There are scenes that it's just silence and nothing is happening but, its breathtaking. Even the ending has great dramatic tension and it is satisfying.

4. K-On!!
I will admit, the first season of K-On! felt rushed due to only being 13 episodes long and it really did not focus much on the music aspect. However, the second fixed those problems. It was nice seeing the final year of high school of Yui, Mio, Tsumugi, and Ritsu extended to 24 episodes. It was a fun show that I personally found to be very enjoyable.

3. Bakemonogatari
This was a funny and intelligent anime. The animation was just wonderful, honestly Shaft could use dirt and rocks to make an anime and it will still have great animation. I like how it covered all 5 light novels that it's based off of. Every character was likable.

2. Durarara!!
What I like about this anime is that tension builds up episode by episode, until a explosion of awesome happens in the end. The number one thing I like about this anime is that every subplot, drove the story to something of greatest. The characters had some depth to them and at times, they felt like real human beings.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
This anime has amazing. From beginning to end, the animation was crisp and the fight scenes were fluid. It had great dramatic tension and the end of every episode had a cliffhanger making me want more. I will say that this version is far superior than the 2003 version.

So, what are your personal opinions on anime that aired in 2010?

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