Weekly Picture 15

Well, I have decided to change the format of the Weekly Picture posts. Instead of having one picture for every day of the week, I will just have random pictures that I have taken over the course of week and I add a small comment to it.

I really dislike drivers who think that they own the road.

Started using a regular mouse pad. I put away the oppai mouse pad because she got flat. For a while, I was not using a mouse pad but the paint got scratched off my desk. This Last Exile mouse pad is really nice.

Found out this week that my job had to let me go. They gave the job to a single mother who needed it more than me. I'm not mad or sad about it, life happens. I now have more time to focus on college and my site, in away this is a blessing in disguise.

Yes, I use a laser leveler arrange my figures.

Started rearranging my room again.

It looks good like this.

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