Weekly Picture 17

In this Weekly Picture, all of the pictures in this post are from a walk I took during my Orlando trip. During the whole time I was in Orlando, I was complaining on Twitter. It's not normal for my to do that but, it was because of the current situation I was in at the moment.

My family had an ulterior motive for visiting Orlando, for the last 8 months they have been planning to move to that city without telling me a thing. The last time they did this, they told me two days before the actual moving day exactly 4 years ago. They have a habit of doing that.

I was pissed off, so I took a walk to cool down. After I did some thinking, this could be a good thing for me. As of right now, I live in a crappy small town that has no opportunities for me. Orlando could actually be a stepping stone for reaching my dream. The area that my family is wanting to move to just five miles away from Universal Studios theme park. If I can get a starting photography job there, it will look good in my resume.

I noticed that Orlando is a very photogenic city.

So, It seems that I may move to Orlando in six to seven months.

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