Returning to Gunpla 3

It has been almost 2 year since I've built a Gundam model kit. I actually made 2 separate posts on returning to model kit building. I was never able to follow through with it because I would be too busy or when I was going to buy it, I got distracted by some pretty figures. I've learned from those two mistakes and I ordered a brand new Gundam model kit.

The model kit that I will build is Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam -O.Y.W. 79 Animation Colors- version with the clear parts kit. I feel that I should have started out with a High Grade since it has been 2 year. I know that my skills as a model kit build are rusty, but I know I can do it.

I personally enjoy model kit building because it helps me relax. I cannot wait until Rx-78-2 is in my hands. I will be doing progress posts due to I'm not going to do it in one sitting. Before, I could do that but college and working on my site is more important.

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