Building Master Grade RX-78-2 Part 1

Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam -O.Y.W. 79 Animation Colors- version is the first Gunpla I have built in over 2 years. To me, this is a test to see if I still got it.

Laying out my tools, it feels nostalgic doing this. If you are wondering why there's a tooth brush, its to remove any dust on the parts from sanding.

I always sharpen my tools before doing any cutting.

Sorting out everything before I start. Just looks at those sexy runners.

After 6 hours of putting it together and doing the panel lines, it starting to look nice.

I'm at the 9 hour mark at this point. I was doing the panel inking on the legs. While on the subject of the legs, I had an issue. The inner frame on the legs had these pistons. For some reason, the front pistons would get stuck and it would limit mobility. I pretty much got rid of the front pistons on both legs.

12 hours later, it's complete. It's really beautiful.
I did finish building RX-78-2 but, I'm still not done building it. I need build the shield, Hyper Bazooka, Beam Rifle, and Hammer. I also have to add the decals to RX-78-2 to finish this project.

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