Building Master Grade RX-78-2 Part 2

here it is, part 2 of me building my Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam -O.Y.W. 79 Animation Colors- version. In part one, I pretty much built the Gundam itself. Now I'm going to finish it by building the weapons and adding the decals.

I quickly put together the weapons. For now, I'm not going to paint or ink them. I'll do it some other day.

Its time to apply the decals. This is the one thing I dread to do when I build model kits. Decals are the most delicate things in the entire model kit.

Soaking it in water first to soften it up.

Now applying it to RX-78-2. Then peeling it is pretty difficult. I have to do it very slowly and very gentle or it with come out screw up.

Final product!

RX-78-2 come out very nice. Building this model kit took me about 16 hours to complete.

I'm really happy with the final out come. I actually started to look for my next Gunpla that I will build. As of now, I have narrowed it down to Master Grade Unicorn Gundam, Master Grade RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type, and Master Grade Exia Gundam. So, do you build Gundam model kits and if you do, what was the last one you built?

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